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Puzzles That Rock began one snowy day during a Michigan winter in 2009.  We owned a small specialty food store in the seasonal, small, Northern Michigan town of Charlevoix. Matt was recovering from an open heart surgery procedure from a couple months prior.  We were struggling, in almost every area of our lives.  It felt as though things were snowballing towards disaster.  That winter, we started putting together puzzles in our store, as an outlet for us and the kids.  Working on a puzzle was a way for us to put everything else aside and work together towards completing something and being able to see the beauty of completion after so much ‘hard’ work.  Puzzles have a way of working out, you see so many piece out of order and somehow, they all end up fitting back together…..that’s why Puzzles really do ROCK!  All puzzles are made with soy based ink and recycled cardboard.  Please be Green.