Every item I sell is made and/or imprinted in my studio.  Color and clarity are very important to me and I want my customers to get exactly the art I created.

I like offering my art on functional products like cutting boards, coasters, mouse pads and more.

Sublimation is my reproduction process of choice.  The colors are always true and brilliant.  I begin by making a high quality reproduction onto a carrier sheet using a special dye sublimation ink which costs me about a $1,000 a gallon.  I then place the carrier sheet on an item that has been coated with a special polymer coating.  Both items are then positioned together in a flatbed heat press.  The high heat changes the solid pigment on the carrier sheet into a gas which also causes the polymer surface to open and allows the gas to migrate into the surface of that item.  When the surface cools, the gas reverts back into a solid and the polymer closes which traps the pigments permanently in the coating of the imprinted item.  The result is a reproduction that is illustrious, durable, fade-proof and colorfast.  I have been doing sublimation for 30 years.