Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn


We believe Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn is the best popcorn you will ever eat. We believe in high quality ingredients. We believe in only non-GMO Corn 🌽. We believe in spending way too much time thinking up flavor combinations and making way too many batches of popcorn to get those recipes exactly right. We believe in savory. And sweet. And we especially believe in savory and sweet. We believe it’s never too small a detail to wonder if it’s too much chocolate 🍫 or not enough chocolate and, when in doubt, we should probably add more chocolate. We believe in customer service. A bright smile, how can we help you, we’re here to make your day better customer service. And if something goes wrong we believe in how-can-we-make-it-right customer service. We believe in good design and pretty packaging and that sometimes the right shade of pink can make you smile. We believe in kindness and love and lots of laughter. We believe in our employees. And our community. And we believe in hustling every day to make the best popcorn you will ever eat. ❤️